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Behind the scenes

A large-scale special exhibition such as this one ought in any case to reach a wide audience. In order for “In the Light of Amarna. 100 Years of Nefertiti Discovery” to be noticed by Berliners and visitors in the flood of the city’s cultural offerings, a unique visual image is required, to be subsequently reproduced on PR elements such as flyers, posters and adverts. This is when the graphic designer comes into his own, in this case the graphic and product design consultancy “polyform”. They receive from the curators all the necessary information on the exhibition, with colours and materials playing just an important role as the historical contents. From the beginning it was clear that the bust of Nefertiti would be perfect to represent the exhibition in public and act as its focal point. On that basis, complex graphical concepts are then developed, including writing and typography, colour and pictorial motifs.

 In order to bring the completed image across to the public, there has to be a budget available as a basis for creating a media plan. Such a plan acts as a framework for all the PR initiatives for the exhibition, such as posters in public spaces and large banners in stations, or exhibition flyers in bars, restaurants and other museums. It is also intended to create a website especially for the exhibition, bundling together all the interesting aspects and their backgrounds to the project.