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Behind the scenes

A major part of the team involved in realising an exhibition are the restorers. All the display objects for any exhibition pass through their hands. There is plenty to do: Finds that have been stored for a long time in depots have to be cleaned with a dust brush and many of the smallest objects require special treatment to stabilise them for the duration of the exhibition and present them in their best light.

Most of the finds from Ludwig Borchardt´s excavations exist only in fragments. These pieces have to be arranged in way that visitor can recognise them for what they are. For this purpose reading aids were developed: for example, from a small tile illustrating a fish, only its head is preserved. For the exhibition it will be fixed onto a mount that indicates its form and appearance. Apart from the work on such fragile objects, there are more complex issues to deal with.

A special find is the bust of Akhenaten, discovered - like the bust of Queen Nefertiti - in the workshop of the sculptor Thutmose. Even then it was in a poor condition. Before the Great War it was reassembled, but more damage and loss occurred during World War II. The aim is to restore this maltreated object to the condition following its first refurbishment. The cracks and damage caused by vandalism in antiquity are now carefully retouched as they are a major part of this fascinating story.